Wednesday, June 27, 2012


One of my great friends and a fellow stamper-in fact, my former demonstrator!-, Maryann, recently moved to Colorado Springs, CO. She has a great new job & is looking for a great new start! So far so good-until this week!

Well, most of you  have heard of the terrible fires out there right now. She & her furbaby (Ginger!) have had to evacuate their home. The fire as of right now is burning approximately 24 square miles of land, homes, businesses & everything else in it's path. She is on the outskirts of the evacuation area, so hopefully her home will be fine. But I'm sure there are many others who won't have a home to return to when this inferno ends. At least she is now safely out of the "danger zone".

So tonight before you go to bed, say a prayer of thanks that you are safe & sound, and that He will watch over those in harm's way.

Happy Stampin!

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  1. Updates! Maryann is back in her home! And she had a scare when her pup got lost in all the transition, but he is home safe & sound too!



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