Saturday, September 29, 2012


Well if you are, come on over to The UPS Store in Auburn! That's where I work ( I love my job & my bosses btw!!!!). We have a large greeting card clientele!  Well, I was invited by those amazing bosses to feature my cards there!!! 

There are cards for any occasion-including Halloween!!! Thanksgiving & Christmas cards will be added soon!  All cards are $3.99. That's a deal!  There are even 2 packets of invitations! They are $5 for 8 invites & envelopes. 

So come on down & bring some friends! Not in the area, send some over!!! I'd love to see them!!! It feels so good to go to the register to ring one of them up!!!

See how they look?

I don't have any close-ups, but most of them you've seen before!!! lol  
Come on down to see them up close & in person!!!!

Happy Stampin'!!!

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