Monday, October 29, 2012


Well, as I sit here safe & still with electricity while Hurricane Sandy is visiting, I figured I'd share some good news with you!!!

It's finally here!!! The moment you've waited for!!! 
The new 
Stampin' Trimmer!!! 
That's right!! It's here in my little hands!!! Check it out!!!

 Sooo shiny!!! The grid pattern & numbers will never come off! It looks & feels like it's varnished!!!

 It has an amazing scoring AND cutting tools!!! No ragged edges! Nice clean cuts!
 And unlike the old trimmer, the blades can stay on the single track ALL the time!!! There's room for both!!! 
And unlike the old trimmer, the scoring blade actually scores instead of cuts!!! So nice!!!

 It's a larger platform to work with. It extends to 6 1/4"!! 
There are "bumpers" on the top & bottom & even on either side of the cutting channel!!! Easy to line up the paper!!! 
Finally a cutter that cuts straight!!!

 There's a handy little storage compartment under the base to store blades, bone folder, stylus, whatever!!!

 The "arm" extends to the side to 14 1/2"!!! No more squeezing in the 12"!!!!!

They've really thought this one out!! It was so worth the wait!!! It's the perfect compliment to my Tabletop Cutter!!!! I will love them both!!!!

The new Stampin' Trimmer, a Stampin' Up! exclusive, will be available to you November 1!!!! You can order online HERE but not until Nov. 1!!!
(See, if you were a demonstrator, you'd already have yours!!!)

Be sure to order early!!! Makes an awesome Christmas gift at only $29.95!! Worth every penny!!!

Happy Stampin'!!!!

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