Thursday, May 22, 2014


So like many stampers/card makers, I have some customers I make cards for. Well one of them asked me to make one for her daughter who was turning 18. I said sure. And then she added, btw, can you make it "steam punk"? I said sure!! Then immediately contacted a friend & said wth is "steam punk"!!! Well I learned! lol

So she is into steam punk fairies too! Ok, now I KNOW Stampin' Up! doesn't have any steam punk fairies, so I had to do some research! Gotta love Google Images!! lol 

So after much practice, hairpulling, design/redesign, here's what I came up with!

Totally not my style, but it's what the younger set likes I guess. Not that I'm part of the older set mind you!!! lol  Funny thing is, I think she's cute!!!

Just thought I'd share. Totally non-Stampin' Up!, but it's good to step outside of the box every now & then. And I even now know what steam punk is!!!

Happy Stampin'!!!

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