Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Here's another 
Coloring Down the Lines 
Blog Hop!!!

Welcome from Helen's blog! Enjoy your visit here then hop over to         Lizzy's blog! Good stuffs to be had!

Here's my card:

Here is the inspiration photo:

Here are the Stampin' Up! colors:
Note: Ha! So i didn't notice when I took the picture that the Candy Dot had moved off-center! Not time for retake! Just "imagine" it in the center of the little pillow there!!! lol

So I really wanted to try out some of my new goodies!!! Here's a new stamp set, which will be available to you in just about a week!!! It's called            Sitiing There! I love the idea of being able to sit out on a porch swing in the summer. Now bear in mind I don't have one, but I do love the idea! lol  I love the summer so.  Warmth & sun! 

The little kitty is adorable! Yes, there's a dog too!!! lol  And tons of little accessories for a porch swing.  The sayings are nice too!!!

Since we are bound by the colors here, I couldn't use any new In-Colors to show you, but there is 1 more thing besides the stamp set.  Can u see it? Yup, the new Washi Tape!! Lovin' that stuff!!!!!!

So enjoy this little preview! See ya next week!

Happy Stampin'!!!


  1. Nice. Very inviting to sit a while and chat. We used to have 2 on our porch, one at either end. Alas, they got so old that we did away with them. But your card brings the memories back. You and Amanda both worked with this set. I may have to get those stamps. I wasn't going to, but you make me "feel" the need. Hugs to you.

  2. Correction! You and Helen used this set today. Apologies to both you and Helen.

  3. Loving the porch swing idea... I'd hang out with you there!! great job!

  4. Love your card, Joni. Looks like we had the same idea in mind. Cute!!!



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