Wednesday, March 22, 2017


Hey all! Miss me?? Fresh of a 2-week family vacation to Hawaii! Then home to a blizzard! Ugh! Trying hard to get back on track! Just wanna be back on the beach tho! lol But anyway, I'm baaacckkkk!!!!

This week's card was stressful for me! lol You'll find out why below!
So hello again to hoppers from Helen's blog! I missed you!  When you head on to Lizzy's blog tell her I said hi!!!

Ok, so this week's challenge! We were to CASE (basically copy! lol) a card from the person behind us in this hop! Well clearly that's Helen! But I consider Helen one of my favorite card makers! I have always loved her designs! She is clean & simple for the most part, but really creative! She knows how to really feature a stamp set!

Here's what I came up with (be gentle!):

So I went with one of her ore simple designs, because I felt I could do it justice! lol  This is a "copy" of her card from Wednesday, March 1. Check out her blog to see it!

I didn't have the Avant Garden stamp set, so I used the Oh So Succulent stamp set. It's similar. It's a nice 1-layer card.  

Now Helen used some Silver Card Stock to matte the main art image.  I didn't have any Silver handy, so I used Smoky Slate.  I also added a piece of Succulent Garden Sweet Sugarplum 1/8" Ribbon for a "pop"  Hers didn't need it. But I think mine did. I did finish it off with a bit of Wink of Stella, but I have a hard time getting it to show in a photo! Trust me-it's there! lol

Either way, it's a pretty birthday card. Thanx Helen for the idea, and the beautiful work you do!!!

Happy Stampin'!


  1. hehehe SO FUNNY!! You were supposed to CASE something from the person who comes after you, not before... so Lizzy, not Helen, but how funny that you and I both decided to case the SAME CARD OF HELEN'S!! Great minds!!!

  2. Very cute CASE. You did a good job.

  3. Cute card! Love the way you made it work for you!




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