Tuesday, August 31, 2021



This month we have a special Paper Pumpkin for you! It was designed by our founder, Shelli Gardner! There are 9 beautiful cards in a pretty box! The box is designed for gift giving, but alas, the USPS decided that wasn't gonna happen for me! lol All good! The cards are great! But we have some amazing alternative designs for you!

Here's my featured alternative this month:

Now as usual for me, for the alternatives, I try to keep to just the materials in the kit. I like to think "what if I was on vacation & wanted to make the kit"? That way it can be mobile, self-sufficient, & flexible! 

This one has a lovely message-hope.  These days that often seems to be lacking, so it's a wonderful sentiment to send to someone. I'm sure you know someone who could use that boost!

Here are the original 3!

As is the case, once ya get going with the alternatives ya just can't stop! lol Here are a few others I came up with!

Now hop over  to my friend Janie's blog at her blog to see her alternative! Then keep going! Simply click on her name here or the icon below! We love comments so feel free to leave one!

Happy Stampin'!